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Naomi and I are giving up smoking as of 08:00am, Friday 29th April 2022. Up till then we were each smoking about 60 cigarettes a day. I once worked out that in the first 7 years we were together we spent approximately £49,000 on cigarettes (and that was at 1990's prices!! LOL) which is some serious money. At today's prices we would be spending about £18,000 each year - OUCH!

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What this currently means is that we've given up for:
  • 111 Weeks,
  • 1 Day,
  • 4 Hours,
  • 13 Minutes,
  • 18 Seconds!
Cut 'n' Paste Section for Naomi:
My Stop Smoking Date was 08:00am, Friday 29th April 2022.

I've been smoke-free for 111 Weeks, 1 Day, 4 Hours, 13 Minutes, 18 Seconds!

I've saved £26847.07 towards extra/better holidays by not smoking 2334.5 packets of ciggies (46690 cigs)!!
  • During that period we've each not smoked 2334.5 packets of cigarettes that we would otherwise have smoked.
  • We've now saved about £26847.07 by giving up.
  1. I am a non-smoker!!!
  2. My blood-pressure and pulse rate are back to normal, and temperature in feet/hands is back to normal (20 minutes)
  3. My Carbon-monoxide levels have dropped to normal and blood oxygenation has risen to normal (8 hours)
  4. My chances of having a Heart Attack or Stroke have started to decrease (24 hours)
  5. Senses of taste and smell improving, nerve endings starting to regrow, Nicotine by-products being removed (2 days)
  6. Lung capacity starting to improve, bronchial tubes relaxing (3 days)
  7. Walking and aerobic exercise starting to become easier (2 weeks)
  8. My circulation is improving and I have more energy (1 month)
  9. Walking and aerobic exercise now a lot easier (2 months)
  10. Lung function up by up to 30%, Bronchial cilia beginning to regrow, liability to infection reducing, overall body energy increased (3 months)
  11. Risk of developing COPD reduced by 5% (4 months)
  12. Risk of developing Coronary heart Disease reduced by 50% (1 Year)
  13. Risk of recurrence of ulcers reduced, short-term healing improved, Risk of death from Heart Disease reduced by 24% (2 Years)

Quitting Lists

Date Title Actions
1 Golden Rule
20-Jan-2009 1. There is NO such thing as ONE CIGARETTE
2 What to Expect
20-Jan-2009 1. Expect it.
20-Jan-2009 2. Acknowledge it.
20-Jan-2009 3. Make a note of it.
20-Jan-2009 4. Imagine it getting weaker
20-Jan-2009 5. Repeat This Process
3 If I REALLY want to smoke
20-Jan-2009 1. Expect it
20-Jan-2009 2. Acknowledge it.
20-Jan-2009 3.This is Fine
20-Jan-2009 4. Stay in the moment.
20-Jan-2009 5. Don't make how you feel
20-Jan-2009 6. Refocus
20-Jan-2009 7. Failure is an illusion
Coping With Withdrawl
18-Jan-2009 01. Chew Gum
18-Jan-2009 02. Go for walk
18-Jan-2009 03. Housework
18-Jan-2009 04. Use Gym
18-Jan-2009 05. Do crafts
18-Jan-2009 06. Listen to Music
18-Jan-2009 07. Watch a Film
18-Jan-2009 08. Go swimming
18-Jan-2009 09. Sip cold water through a straw
18-Jan-2009 10. Suck sweets
18-Jan-2009 11. Read and Message on no smoking sites
18-Jan-2009 12. Smoke E Cig
18-Jan-2009 13. Colouring in and painting
20-Jan-2009 14. Email or Message Friends and Quit-Smoking Buddies
28-Jan-2009 15. Clean Teath
20-Jan-2009 1. Not One Puff Ever
Olivers Way
19-Jan-2009 01. Withdrawal symptoms
19-Jan-2009 02. Just a feeling
19-Jan-2009 04. No need to smoke
19-Jan-2009 03. Failure to give up smoking
19-Jan-2009 05. Temporary Feelings
19-Jan-2009 06. No Physical Pain
19-Jan-2009 07. Pleasure does not come from cigarettes
19-Jan-2009 08. Why I smoke
19-Jan-2009 09. Monsters
19-Jan-2009 11. Illusion's
19-Jan-2009 10. Beliefs about smoking
19-Jan-2009 12. Power
20-Jan-2009 13. Changing Beliefs
20-Jan-2009 14. The Power of Feelings
20-Jan-2009 15. Hell
20-Jan-2009 16. Power of thought
20-Jan-2009 17. Lies
20-Jan-2009 18. Let it Flow
20-Jan-2009 19. Decision Time
20-Jan-2009 20. Happy
20-Jan-2009 21. The JOY of NON-SMOKING
20-Jan-2009 22. Happy NON SMOKER
Reasons to QUIT!!
18-Jan-2009 1. Money
18-Jan-2009 2. Better Health
18-Jan-2009 3. No Panic Attacks.
18-Jan-2009 4. More Sociable
18-Jan-2009 1. First day of Quiting.
18-Jan-2009 2. First week
18-Jan-2009 3. 2nd week
18-Jan-2009 4. 1st Month
18-Jan-2009 5. 2nd Month
18-Jan-2009 6. 4th Month
18-Jan-2009 7. 7 Months
18-Jan-2009 8. ONE YEAR !!!!
19-Jan-2009 1. Stress
19-Jan-2009 2. After Food
19-Jan-2009 3. Computing
19-Jan-2009 4. Telephone
19-Jan-2009 5. Being near a Smoker
19-Jan-2009 6. Driving
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