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Bernardtxk Bernardtxk (Thursday, 5th May 2022)
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Effie Lemaster (Thursday, 28th April 2022)
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Nodswouts Nodswouts (Tuesday, 12th April 2022)
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Gerry (Saturday, 20th February 2016)
Just a thank you to say you were my very first online contact, long before the web as we know it now, then it was just words on a screen no pictures no colour, probably in the early eighties my modem speed was 1200 (the fastest around at the time) nice to find you again Gerry
Fiona McMahon (Thursday, 1st May 2014)
I got here in the end. Great photos. Enjoyed!
Shirl (Monday, 14th April 2014)
Reading about you quitting smoking. I smoked for 40 years. Quit 3 times unsuccessfully. 4th time I counted how many cigarettes I didn't smoke at 10cents a cigarette. $2 a pack in USA cold turkey (no props). After I counted 10,000 cigarettes I had not smoked I quit counting. That Xmas my hubby went to the bank and purchased $1,000 in dimes. This is two bags from federal reserve of $500 dimes in each bag. What a surprise. And was advised this was a one time gift for quitting. It has been the best thing for my health. Have been diagnosed with COPD. Hopefully with exercise and diet will be able to stay off oxygen for years to come...
Dave Smith (Tuesday, 31st July 2012)
Hi Oliver, A pleasant read, nice to hear you say good things about 4 scale and Bury. I also have to agree with you the police force as I knew it was a great career and would definitely do it all again.
Kay Hempsall (Friday, 1st June 2012)
Hello Oliver, I hope you are well. I found your site today (when I probably should be working) and am prompted to touch base. I am still living in Australia and from time to time catch up with Tim. I keep thinking about putting together a blog like yours but have found other things to use up my time so far. It's a bit mind-boggling to think it has been 35 years since I graduated from Manchester this July. I do have various profiles on the web (see LinkedIn and FaceBook if you're interested - the FB site was primarily so I could keep in touch with my younger relatives and my yoga group. Bye for now - so many years news to catch up on - though you have made it easy with your blog! Hello also to Naomi. Cheers, Kay
karen (Friday, 18th November 2011)
I need some help,i am registered and this page also tells me i am logged in but when i click join club tab it tells me i am not reg. Thanks to anyone that can help
Tricia Adcock (Thursday, 29th September 2011)
Hi, would you allow me to change my name in the IAC? There are so many people with pat as their name and I go by Tricia. My new BBO name will be Triciacam
Shaun Donnellan (Saturday, 28th May 2011)
Oliver lovely website many happy memories of you at Bootle st when I was a DS there in early 90s hope you enjoy retirement shaun
Paul Cooper (Sunday, 15th May 2011)
It's going to take ages to work through the wealth of information and comment here. How fast the years have flown and I hope you have it all recorded somewhere as a permanent record. Nice to make contact again and love to you both.
Terry Macaulay (Sunday, 17th October 2010)
Just cruised around your lovely site, registered to check out playing and learning here, and had to chuckle when I read about your dogs and other lifestyle favorites. We have a dog, "Cella", and a cat, "Brolio"; yes, named after our favorite Italian wines.
Pam Hunter (Wednesday, 31st March 2010)
Is it really so long since we saw you at Bury Athenaeum, Oliver? Best wishes from Tom and Pam
Robert Mason (Tuesday, 13th October 2009)
I hope the dogs are ok after their bump! Really enjoyed the videos of the Poodle, you can view my dogs at Best regards, Robert Mason
Jane (Saturday, 18th July 2009)
Hi Oliver & Naomi, Nice new pages. I look in on you every once in awhile. I still love narrowboats and traveling in England & Scotland. I was just watching The Open Championship and seemed to remember that Naomi's folks lived up the coast from Turnbury. I have just one bird now. An Indian ring necked female. Not as nice as My Amazon, but much quieter. I am now an Estate Agent with my husband, Jerry. It keeps us pretty busy. Jane
Darren Eves (Monday, 16th March 2009)
Hi Oliver and Naiomi, I used to be a regular on your board back in 1990/1991, Oliver gave me a ride to the Bunfight, bowling at white city!!!! Hope you are all keeping well Regards Darren!
Viktor Simov (Tuesday, 24th February 2009)
Hi all. I am from Bulgaria and glad to learn one more sistem like precision . Best regards. Viktor Simov
Rachel (Sunday, 1st February 2009)
Nearly been a whole day since yous have quit smoking! Taylor told me about this website by the way. Midnights foal is cute! =]
Joan (Thursday, 8th January 2009)
Am trying to locate the members of the troublesome Major Minors for the team matches
Lorna Price (Monday, 15th December 2008)
Oliver, do you remember me and Bob from Fidonet? Where are you living now? We're still in Urmston. Our sons are now nearly 17 and 14. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very healthy New Year. Lorna x
Pauline Reid (Saturday, 22nd November 2008)
I have enjoyed playing on the site, and look forward to many more games in the IAC.
J (Monday, 13th October 2008)
I was glad to find the record of your trip to Rode Bird Gardens. I went there once, remembered it today, wanted to go soon. And find out that it closed in 2001.
paula & amy :-) (Friday, 26th September 2008)
Hi oliver, just watched the videos there really good! see you's tomorrow guys :-) !
Taylor Mowat (Saturday, 16th August 2008)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER!!! :) See you guys tonight :)
Gromit (Thursday, 6th March 2008)
Wallace and I are both very impressed by the whole spread here. The animals are a delight and the facilities fun. But where is the loo, please? Cheers and woof, choock, Gromit :O)
Dave Langridge BEM (Friday, 2nd November 2007)
:) long time no see...but then I turn up like a bad penny :) the USis not a bad place to be living except for the exchange rate right now...ah well :) cya next time I am back in England. take Care Dave L
Claus Snderkge (Saturday, 25th August 2007)
Greetings from Denmark Oliver! I love your dogs and your fantastic images. Your passion for Precision I appreciate - but that you know.
Ivar (Wednesday, 22nd August 2007)
Hi Oliver & Naomi. Hope you are well. During a nostalgic flip I was just looking for some of the old timers and stumbled over the picture from the meet at Barley Mow and from there to here. Hope you are well - contact me if you are going to Denmark; that's where I am hiding at the moment.
Robin Fairley (Saturday, 26th May 2007)
stacey (Wednesday, 9th May 2007)
WOWWWW i want to come and play with him!! was going to contact you to tell you i am available to come and ride midnight but maybe not now!! he is so cute congrats!!!! your grandparents hehehe!!! see u soon x romeo sends xxxxx

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